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Monthly Services

Owner-Operators and Small Fleet Owners can take advantage of our services that are designed to assist them in managing the operations of their business. We have a few options to bundle services to keep your trucking company running efficiently and safely. If the owner already has their own USDOT Authority they may purchase Bookkeeping and Safety & Compliance services separately. If they would like to purchase the Authority service, they must have 2 years minimum driving experience with less than 3 violations/year. NCL will receive a quote for insurance with truck VIN, owner will pay 20% deposit for 6 month insurance policy, then remaining payments monthly. Bookkeeping and Safety & Compliance services MUST BE added to this service. 




NCL offers MC and USDOT Authority services for owner-operators and small fleet owners who have minimum 2 years driving experience. Owners must purchase the additional full coverage insurance policy to NCL Authority. Those who take advantage of this service must also purchase Bookkeeping and Safety & Compliance services.* 




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For this service, owners are required to have a business checking account. Drivers will get paid weekly as Independent Contractors of their own company. NCL staff will manage your business back-office making sure expenses, payables, and receivables are managed in a timely and efficient manner. State and federal income taxes are paid quarterly. 



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Safety & Compliance


NCL will conduct helpful trainings twice a month for introductory to advanced driving levels. We will also provide a Comprehensive Online Video training for topics ranging from Driver Safety to DOT Compliance . At this time, NCL will also conduct a prepatory DOT inspection check and make plans for needed repairs and maintenance. NCL will secure Medical exam and Drug and Alcohol exam administration and reporting. This package also offers assistance with TWIC card acquisition. 



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Weekly Services

The following services are based on weekly gross revenue. 



Grow Together

This service package allows NCL to become a partner with you and your business. We will handle ALL of the management of being a self-owned on the road driver or silent owner/investor. NCL will conduct regular truck maintenance and repairs. Drivers will receive credits for miscellaneous on the road expenses such as fuel, per diem budget, and toll road expenses. Most importantly, with this package you will receive three1-hour Long-Term Growth Plan consultations to grow your business. MUST purchase Bookkeeping and Safety & Compliance services with this package.  



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Custom lanes and schedules

NCL offers dispatch services 7 days a week. Our staff is mindful of driving hours and planned routes to maximize profits and time. We have a wide range of tools to assist drivers in day to day operations. We manage your calendar to ensure you are paid weekly and can get home as often as you want. 



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Paid on-time everytime!

Factoring is done through a few third-party vendors. Owners have an option to utilize trusted vendors. Every vendor has same day funding, user friendly tools and apps to ensure timely invoicing and flexible month to month contract terms. 



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